Containment (2018)

Estranged from his family and forced to live in a grotty tower block on a crumbling estate, struggling artist Mark (Lee Ross) is having a bad day.

His alarm doesn’t go off. The power is out. The milk’s gone off. There’s no water. He’s got to be in court for a custody hearing and someone has glued shut his door, sealing him in his flat. He can’t get a signal on his mobile. Then his neighbours knock a hole in his wall looking for a means of escape as sinister, military figures in HAZMAT suits start rounding up the residents of the estate, dragging them to a makeshift treatment tent outside while a voice on the intercom assures them there’s no cause for alarm.

With paranoia and mistrust mounting and snipers picking off escapees, rioting breaks out and the army starts gassing the other tower blocks on the estate. If Mark and his neighbours are going to survive, they’re going to have set aside their differences and work together.

The Runner


THE RUNNER is an original digital series that follows the plight of NATE, a drug   runner with a troubled past, who tries to navigate through the pitfalls of working for   a criminal enterprise in Toronto. This gripping dramatic web series delves deep into   themes of loyalty, love, and betrayal. Aimed at fans of crime fiction, The Runner can   be compared in tone and pace to critically acclaimed dramas like Narcos, Suburra,   and Top Boy.

  Available on Vimeo on Demand

Beyond The Edge (2017)

A pilot (Casper Van Dien) and a scientist (Sean Maher) team up for a 13-year, deep-space mission that will take them beyond the edge of the universe. However, the pair grapple with acute boredom and madness during their long journey.

Dirty Lies (2017)

An under appreciated intern working for a Hollywood producer is entrusted with a million dollar birthday present.  Due to unforeseen circumstances he is      forced to race to find out which of his money hungry room mates betrayed him as he battles a desperate criminal duo bent on stealing the prize necklace.